Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

A hoarder kitchen was left full of trash and destroyed!

A Hoarder's Kitchen

A home in Riverside, CA was found in September of this year left full of trash and destroyed! SERVPRO of North San Bernardino City decided to step in and help. The photo shows the damage to the kitchen which was destroyed! Our team restored the kitchen to look brand new. 

 A very destroyed and cluttered bathroom was left for our team to clean!

Crazy Destroyed Bathroom!

This Bathroom was in a Hoarders Home that was brought to our teams attention! As you can see the bathroom was destroyed and was left thrashed. We then went in and with our trained team cleaned the bathroom and got it ready for use! 

Keeping Items in safe locations

With SERVPRO it is imperative that we keep removed items in a safe location . So that when construction begins they have everything possible to match cabinet coloring so that when rebuilding, it looks as though you never had a water loss. It is also important to keep cabinet faces and old appliances as long as possible so that you have them for your adjuster. Keeping them indoor away from small children and from the elements outside is why SERVPRO makes all the difference.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) protects against three major forms of contamination:
+ Inhalation – Breathing contaminated air.
+ Ingestion – Contaminated materials entering your mouth, nose or eyes.
+ Skin Contact – Contaminated materials touching your body and exposing you to illness.

Suits (Personal Protective Clothing)
Rubber Overshoes
Work Gloves
Eye Protection

All of these items are extremely important for keeping our technicians safe and not contaminating any other area of your home. Safety is always number 1 at SERVPRO of North San Bernardino City

Contaiments for dust

Containments are a vital aspect of our SERVPRO, but we don’t only use them for our mold jobs. On our jobs we place temporary containment’s during our demolition, this insures we encapsulate any drywall or dust particles that could potentially get on other areas of your home. Once demolition is complete and we have throughly cleaned up our area we often leave it up to the home owner if they would like it taken down or left up per their preference. Keeping our customers happy is vital. 

Protecting your floors

One important aspect of SERVPRO is that we greatly desire to protect your home, but especially your flooring. With every job we are able to assist you with we want to treat your home like it was our own, and though some aspects may seem small something as simple as placing plastic in the walkways of your home protect it from damage but also keep it clean. Sometimes the little things are the biggest gestures.