Commercial Photo Gallery

A bathroom in a local Walgreens was destroyed and left a mess!

Local Walgreens Bathroom Destroyed!

A bathroom in a local Walgreens was left a mess by a inconsiderate customer leaving the stall a mess! They then called us at SERVPRO of North San Bernardino City to come in and help clean up.  

 A commercial business had a raccoon sneak in the night and climb all over causing a safety hazard for employees.

Commercial Business with Sneaky Raccoon

A Commercial Business in San Bernardino California was welcomed into work with Raccoon tracings all over. The night before a raccoon came into the business and climbed all over leaving paw prints. They called us at SERVPRO of North San Bernardino to come in and help clean up! 

Fire Damage in walk in fridge. All items affected.

Fire Damage in Bloomington Restaurant

This was the damage of a Bloomington Restaurant after a electrical malfunction caused a fire in the middle of the night. As you can tell the smoke damage was very significant. The fire spread throughout the entire restaurant. The owner was very pleased with the speed of the restaurants recovery.

Importance of sealed commercial doors

This non-profit office had water leaking pouring in from the door. Issues like this are not apparent until big storms come along. It is imperative to check all seals on doors and windows every season so that of cracks or seals are broken, it can be a quick fix instead of big damaging leaks. Even if water does intrude on your commercial job we are here to help in any situation. 

Walgreens off Bear Valley Road

We got a commercial job to come and assist a Walgreens off Bear Valley Rd in Hesperia in cleaning their stalls. We were happy to assist and make the place look like brand new.

Flooded office

Flood in an large office in Corona in the middle of the night is nothing SERVPRO can't handle. We were able to extract all the water from the structure as well as place dehumidifiers and air movers to dry this structure.

Commercial Mold Containment

This office had a huge upstairs flood, the water intrusion originated from a small leak from the supply line in a water filtration system. Unfortunately the wooden furniture was not replaced and remained in one of the offices resulting in a small area of mold. Our team came right out and was able to create a containment so that we could efficiently clean the area without further contaminating the rest of the office. Once we received clearance and the furniture was replaced, this office could go back to business as usual.