What our Customers say...


Thank you SERVPRO for coming so quickly and being so professional. Your whole team was so nice and helpful. I will always recommend your services in the future.

Thank you for quickly assisting my properties and making sure my tenants were satisfied. 

Thank you for coming to help in such a hard time! We appreciate your hard work. 

No need for improvement. Everything was great. 

Very professional. Thank you for the quick response and finding our issue right away 

Great Job! Thank you Priscilla for coming to our rescue. 

Being caring during a difficult time , discussing the work performed and working during the extreme heat conditions. 

This particular franchise goes above and beyond. Their customer service is extraordinary ! 

The service was professional and the staff very down to earth and explained everything to be done clearly. They made me feel confident in there job performance. 

Alex provided great service! We were all very pleased.

Keep up the great work you all do!

I could not have had a better service. They explained everything they were doing, and why. If I had to use this service again I would ask for this team.

Thank you very much! I would recommend them to any business

I was very happy with their service.

I cant think of anything they could do better, they were wonderful to work with.

They were so nice! I wish they were my neighbors.

They are excellent already, Alex, Priscilla and the entire crew were kind, professional, courteous, and respectful at all times!

Everyone was so professional, and I loved the crew

I have never had such superb service in my life! You guys are excellent.

Tessa M from San Bernardino gave us a 5 star yelp review:

Absolutely amazing service provided! We have dealt with this SERVPRO 3 times now for water leaks, mold, busted pipes. (The joys of home ownership) All 3 times the service, work ethic, and communication has made our issues as pleasant as possible given our circumstances. They are prompt, informative, friendly, empathetic, and so much more! For the first time ever, with construction and other public services, I have felt comfortable having strangers in my home. The owner was on her hands and knees scrubbing my floors before they left when the job was finished. I would recommend them to everyone needing this type of service! Thank you SERVPRO! You are amazing!

Audrey C from Riverside, Ca, left us this awesome 5 star yelp review:

I had quite a mess in my condo due to a leaking air conditioner. I had no clue what to do or who to call. Insurance rep mentioned SERVPRO and that was the best call I made. The professionals at SERVPRO were amazing! They responded quickly and did a great job. The were informed. I hope I never have to but I would call them again. 

There is nothing that I think they could have done better, the staff was friendly, professional and courteous each visit.

Great Customer Service!!

I will first say that it is rare to come come across professionalism and sensitivity these days, however SERVPRO has been wholly professional and delicate. My first contact was with Alex prior to the beginning of my extensive work; she was kind, sensitive and exceptionally professional. She put me at ease and informed me what was going to occur and made herself completely available for questions or concerns. Her team is also kind and professional. I am so glad I went with SERVPRO; I can't imagine having anyone else in and out of my house during this trying time. Alex goes out of her way to help me in so many ways that I really believe this is the best customer service I have ever had, and I'm almost sixty. Alex's team works fast and efficiently and gives us space when the work is being done. They moved my belongings saving me time and a lot of work that would have been very difficult for me. If I have a request that is not an integral part of the work, Alex goes out of her way to find me answers and contacts. She is not only a part of the job, but she is globally helpful in many other ways. I hugged her a couple of times because I was so grateful for her and so glad I didn't end up with rude, insensitive workers. I appreciate the professional relationship between Alex and my adjuster, Steve. They work well together which makes the whole process more efficient and smooth. I was praising Alex to Steve on the phone and he had nothing but praise for her as well. I have written many letters of complaint, but periodically I feel compelled to write a letter of praise and thanks, and Alex gets both. I hope you share this letter with Alex. I want her to know what an amazing person and consummate professional she is. This whole process has been trying, with loud fans everywhere, your stuff in all the wrong places, people everywhere... Alex has made this difficult process as unobtrusive as possible and her personality has been like a ray of sunshine.

Alex was amazing - she is the absolute best!!

Alex was so great with us and we were very happy with her!

I was very happy with service starting with explanation all the way through to job completion, Thank you!

To Whom It May Concern:

Ms. Alex Pal of SERVPRO in north San Bernardino, California, did an excellent job in the remediation of mold and spores at my home as a result of a water leak from my HVAC system.  Not only was she knowledgeable and professional in doing her work, she was caring for my family and myself as we were facing a denial from my insurance company of 48 years.  

Alex actually told me to have the Independent Adjuster for the insurance company come back and she would explain to him why his Inspection and report to recommend that my insurance company should deny my claim was wrong.  She was correct and within a few days I received a telephone call from my insurance company telling me the denial of my claim was reversed and the insurance company would pay the claim.

Her persistence and dependability was what made a very negative situation for us turn out to have a positive conclusion.  She always returned our phone calls and answered our questions and helped us through a very harrowing experience.  

I would gladly recommend Ms. Alex Pal to anybody that has any type of water damage to their property.  Her knowledge, professional attitude and compassion for people are beyond what you would ever expect from a vendor you had never dealt with before.  

Unfortunately there aren't more people like Alex in business today.

Arlie Matthews

I recently had a water leak. The damage was immediately assessed by SERVPRO representative Alex Pal. Ms. Pal remedied the situation promptly, professionally, competently, and at a reasonable cost. Ms. Pal was also very kind and concerned while accommodating my physical disability during the cleanup process. She placed all equipment in a way whereby my safety would not be threatened. Alex Pal is to be commended for a job VERY well done. Many Thanks!!

5 Star Yelp Review

It's no fun having a pipe cause such extensive damage, but that's what happened. I am probably a businesses worst nightmare because I hate being inconvenienced. Nonetheless, Cammy was so professional in every aspect of the word, that I can honestly say that in my 44 years of life, she is the most professional person I've ever met! She explained what would be happening and that, regardless of all the people coming and going, she would be my regular point of contact, which minimized the chaos! She scheduled around my life and came on time, every time. She demonstrated compassion and empathy for my situation, as my room was gutted and my house belongings temporarily shifted.
Thank you Cammy and crew!

SERVPRO was very nice and helpful. I will recommend them to my friends.