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BBQ and fire safety

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

fire and BBQ BBQ safety

End of summer Fun and BBQ safety!

Summertime is ending and it is imperative that safety be taken when it comes to cooking delicious meals outdoors especially if planning to smoke your Thanksgiving turkey. 

In 2012-2016 an average of 16600 patients per year went to the emergency room  because if injuries involving grills, half of those being caused by thermal burns.

Children under 5 accounted for an average of 1600 of the 4500 thermal none fore grill burns. These burns typically occurred when someone, often a child bumped into, touched or fell on the grill, grill part or hot coals.

Seven out of every 10 adults in the US have a grill or smoker, which translates to a lot of tasty meals, but it also means there is an increased risk for home fires and injuries.

Commercial Building Floods

9/21/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded offices Flooded commercial office building

Water intrusion may be more severe in commercial buildings than in a residential setting, and the effects can be more extensive. Many commercial structures have a larger volumes of water entering the premises through plumbing supply lines and at a higher water pressure. The quantity of outgoing sewage is also greater than a typical residence. Commercial buildings tend to be of larger square footage than a home, so entry points for water intrusion through areas like the roof, exterior walls or windows are commensurately greater in number.

Water intrusion in commercial buildings can damage high-value equipment like computers and also building services such as HVAC, lighting, elevators and security equipment. Common long-term consequences of water damage like mold or microbial growth may be more problematic than in a home, due to the larger occupancy of a business or other commercial enterprise. When a greater number of people with a wider range of sensitivity are exposed to mold and bacteria spores, health effects may be significantly magnified, perhaps leading to an enforced closure of the facility until the situation is fully remediated.

Typical issues from water intrusion in the commercial environment include:

  • Water from roof leaks penetrating through ceilings. Chronic leakage through the roof may proceed unnoticed for long periods, hidden by suspended ceiling panels or in electrical or HVAC service areas above.
  • Ruptured water supply lines typically release clean (white) water.  Sewage backups or leaks in drain pipes release toxic (black) water that may be a biohazard and require evacuation of the premises. Keeping businesses down for longer periods of time.
  • Flooding from external sources can result from heavy rains, storms such as hurricanes, rapid snow melt or local overflowing lakes or rivers. Winters can be brutal .
  • Moisture intrusion through the building envelope is typically more subtle. Humid outdoor air may be drawn in through structural cracks and gaps. Over a period, chronic dampness forms in spaces like wall voids, unventilated attics and service areas, spawning hidden mold growth that persists unseen.

Commercial fires

9/21/2021 (Permalink)

fire FIre

One of the most tragic events a home owner or business will suffer is loss from a fire.  The most important thing is when everyone in the home or business survived the fire alright. However, it's still devastating dealing with the fire loss. For those who worked so hard in accomplishing their business or dream home and the loved ones who enjoyed the comfortableness and sentimental memories, the effects of the fire loss can really be detrimental whether it's from a fire in home or fire in business. Having said that, there are some things that should be done to take care of oneself and family mentally and emotionally while undergoing the rebuilding process. The first thing to do is to let out the cries and screams concerning the devastating fire damage and comfort the family. Doing this will let out the steam necessary to regain one's composure to focus and deal with this incident immediately by dealing with the home or commercial fire damage and fire cleanup. After that's done, further professional and emotional help, if needed, should be taken. Taking Full Control of the Fire Damage The following steps are required for a home or commercial fire damage restoration: 1. Ensuring the family, pets, and co-workers are far away from the property on fire- to prevent possible injuries from the fire, and poor air quality from smoke damage and soot damage 2. No entering of the premises where the home or commercial fire damage occurred unless fire firefighters give the OK- to prevent injuries due to the roof possibly caving in from the fire loss, or due to poor air quality from the soot damage/smoke damage 3. The restoration specialist must be contacted- since they are highly trained to properly handle the fire loss, smoke damage, soot damage, air quality, fire cleanup, and more for fire in home and fire in business 4. Assessing the fire damage- this is only when the fire professionals say it's alright to enter the premises. Assessing the damage is required for the fire insurance claim regardless if it's a fire in home or fire in business, and it should be done before initiating any fire cleanup. Taking pictures of all the areas and items with apparent fire and soot damage, and writing down every other thing concerning the air quality and smoke damage are very helpful for home and commercial fire damage claims. 5. Preventing possible further damage, if and when it's safe to go inside where the home or commercial fire damage occurred- this includes doing some fire cleanup by mopping the floor that's drenched with water from rain, water damage from the fire, or firefighters. Another thing that can be done is to improve the air quality from smoke damage and soot damage by opening up windows and doors. 6. Getting further instructions from the fire restoration specialists- they will give more viable information concerning insurance claims, fire cleanup, preventive measures to prevent future fire damage, and more. They will also give specifics concerning fire in home or fire in business. We are here to guide you through the devastation and help the rebuilding process.

Helping your business shine!

9/14/2021 (Permalink)

Tile and grout that shines! - SERVPRO logo Cleaning services and more

One of SERVPRO's many services include excellent tile and grout cleaning. In order for a business to run smoothly we take the added stress of keeping your business shiny and clean. Owners have enough to do. Let us take care of you! 

Benefit#1 First impressions are everything , investing in tile and grout cleaning will change the look of your whole business.

Benefit#2 The floors will look brand new, Your customers will notice the attention to detail and feel confident with your services.

Benefit#3 When your tile and grout is clean it changes the whole environment. You and your staff will notice and be full of pride.

Benfit#4 When you properly clean your tile and grout, you show your employees and customers how much you care about their safety and health. The floors will receive a deep cleaning, followed by a sealant on the grout to prevent dirt from settling back and keeping the fresh clean look for  a longer period of time. 

With proper care and maintenance, your floors will not go back to the dull, dirty look they had previously. For more information on having your tile and grout professionally cleaned, please contact us today. 

Extreme Humidity

9/14/2021 (Permalink)

Humidity Meter the meter shows normal humidity reading range

Maintaining a low humidity environment in the property after water loss is often times very difficult. Taking immediate action to inhibit fungal growth after a flooding event is essential for avoiding potentially devastating restoration and remodeling costs.

Mold is a serious problem because high indoor humidity is the most common cause of black mold growth. When moisture levels meet lo airflow interiors, most porous building materials become an easy target of infestation, including drywall, insulation, hardwood flooring and of course carpet!

Most commercial buildings created after the 1970's are designed to handle high humidity but prevention and maintenance remain the top priority. Common signs that your building may be at risk for black mold growth are

*Distinctive musty odor

*poor ventilation

* standing water or frequent indoor condensation

* sprinkler systems that leak

If you are questioning it maybe it is time to contact SERVPRO of north San Bernardino city

SERVPRO is always here to help

3/31/2021 (Permalink)

Mold on wall Mold

Just the mention of the word "mold" can cause people to panic. While mold can be a very serious problem and should be taken seriously, it is important to have all the facts to be able to discern myth from fact so that you can make proper and informed decisions when necessary.

"You Don't Have To Remove Mold If You Kill It"
Even if you are able to kill mold, you may not have removed the allergens that live in the mold. They can still be present even if the mold is killed. To fully protect yourself, removal of the affected areas is often necessary. You have to be careful not to spread the mold spores throughout your home when removing areas affected with mold. Professionals, like us, know how to set proper containment so that the mold allergens don't spread and further contaminate your home.

SERVPRO wants to keep you informed

3/31/2021 (Permalink)

Mold Mold on Wall

How Mold Spreads Into the Air

Toxic black mold grows in what is termed a colony. The mold spores are bound within a slimy mass which generally keeps them intact. The greatest health effects come when the colony loses its moisture source. When this happens the slimy mass dries out and allows the spores to break free into the atmosphere. It is then that the toxic black mold spores become an airborne hazard to people and animals. Because toxic black mold spores are relatively heavy, they do not remain airborne for very long. In homes and buildings it is often easy for the spores to land on another surface suitable for it to thrive. It is important to note that even dead mold spores can cause health effects to humans and pets.

What Makes Black Mold Dangerous

Black mold contains mycotoxins. These are massed in groups named trichothecenes. There are over 60 types of trichothecene. The most common found in toxic black mold are:
•Roridin E
•Satratoxin F, G and H
•Sporidesmin G
•Verrucarin J

How SERVPRO works for you

3/31/2021 (Permalink)

Gutted house SERVPRO hard work in a fire clean up.

Located below your carpet in wall to wall carpeting are tax strips nailed to the floor around the perimeter of the room. If you have never removed your carpet or installed it yourself chances are you are not even aware of their existence. We make sure to remove any tax strips that may be visible to ensure your safety and the safety of your family. Tax strips are a strip of wood about an inch wide containing tiny nails at an angle. This ensures that your carpet stays in place without it shifting or coming loose. These tiny nails can be incredibly sharp, therefore making sure they are removed is a top priority for us. Just one of the many ways we want our customers to stay safe, happy, and healthy.

SERVPRO has you covered

3/31/2021 (Permalink)

Bubblewrap Chair wrapped and protected.

SERVPRO is here to help when disaster strikes. 

The importance of Bubble Wrap is extremely important.. Let me tell you why.  
Ok, ok… So it’s not INTENTIONALLY a toy, but the truth behind Bubble Wrap is perhaps even stranger. You see, Bubble Wrap was originally formed from two shower curtains being sealed together, and the inventors tried to market this as wallpaper. It’s perhaps sad that this wasn’t actually successful, who knows how many cases of extreme anxiety could have been solved if all you had to do was pound your walls for a little relief?

Ironically, this wasn’t the only misstep on its way to its true calling, the next thing they tried to market it as was greenhouse insulation, which was also largely unsuccessful. A year later they discovered its perfect purpose, and the line of Bubble Wrap brand packaging came to pass. It started off on an auspicious path with IBM being the first customer, shipping the IBM 1401 in air cushioned comfort out to its many customers.

Each year Bubble Wrap hosts a ‘Young Inventor’ award that encourages them to find ways to use Bubble Wrap outside of packaging. Whether you need a Bubble Wrap door cover to help you keep out the dings, or a Bubble Wrap cushy wheelchair to ensure your loved ones are safe from every danger, these young inventors work every year to try to create the newest Bubble Wrap.

Lightning damage

2/18/2021 (Permalink)

Planning for a storm might feel overwhelming but If you don’t have a plan of your own, get one started today, and check out Emergency Lighting’s stock of smoke alarms, lights, and accessories made to get you through any emergency.

Key Testing Tips for Batteries and Bulbs

When testing your commercial emergency exit signs, there are two main components to check for full operation. Bulbs and batteries. These are the first things to review during scheduled maintenance tests. Fire code requires that all emergency lights and lighted exit signs be inspected at a monthly minimum.

Certain models will have two sets of bulbs that should be checked during these monthly tests. The first set runs on your 110 volt building power, and the second low voltage set comes on with a power failure. These low voltage bulbs are powered directly from the on board reserve battery. As a result, a sign that appears to be working may fail during a power outage because the low voltage bulbs have burned out.

Likewise, many defective batteries maintain just enough charge to light the bulbs for a few seconds after being triggered. If you don’t test reserve batteries for at least thirty seconds, you may find that the lights work each month only to find that they go out when you really need them. By testing the lights for at least thirty seconds you can make sure your batteries don’t just have a misleading surface charge.