Recent Before & After Photos

The power of renovation

This Master Bedroom had a lot of issues with mold damage and was just worn down and needed some life. It was renovated and the home was put for sale shortly aft... READ MORE

Fire Damage in San Bernardino

This home fire was caused by Little Mountain Fire in San Bernardino. The kitchen wall was caught on fire and the customers home suffered severely with water , s... READ MORE

Wildfire Storm in Malibu Homes

This home located in the heart of Malibu was the result of the local wildfires. The ash and the smoke entered the home and stuck to almost everything! In the be... READ MORE

Wild Fire Damage in Malibu

This past year multiple homes have gone through Wild Fire issues as they spiral out of control and are very hard to control. It is a very scary scene to be apar... READ MORE

Raccoon Escaped in Local Office

As you may be able to see in the before photo you can notice little black paw prints. These paw prints are from a raccoon who escaped the attic and entered a wo... READ MORE

Vandalism in Walgreen's Bathroom

A Walgreen's Store located in Hesperia needed us here at SERVPRO of North San Bernardino City to come in and help them out. They had a incident with a customer ... READ MORE

Hoarder House Cleaning in Riverside CA

A recent job our team has tackled was a hoarder house in Riverside CA. When we first walked into this home we were in shock at the level of disaster the home wa... READ MORE

Roof Leak in Highland CA

The before and after photos show the process of a roof leak in Highland California. All though in the photos you can not see all the damages , the leak actually... READ MORE

Severe House Fire in San Bernardino

This extremely devastating house fire took place in San Bernardino! The home caught fire due to the local wild fires. In the before photo you will notice the e... READ MORE

Mold Stuck in Bedroom

This customer had severe mold damage in her home in Hesperia. SERVPRO came to inspect and noticed mold damage built up from many years. The before photo was tak... READ MORE