Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Wildfire Storm in Malibu Homes

This home located in the heart of Malibu was the result of the local wildfires. The ash and the smoke entered the home and stuck to almost everything! In the be... READ MORE

Wild Fire Damage in Malibu

This past year multiple homes have gone through Wild Fire issues as they spiral out of control and are very hard to control. It is a very scary scene to be apar... READ MORE

Moving into a new home after the storm

With this particular customer, moving after the storm was something necessary for them. They have one adorable son and moving to this new location was a better ... READ MORE

Malibu Storm Pantry

This home belonged to a wonderful woman who had a caregiver. Every aspect of a fire job has to be cleaned thoroughly, especially when it comes to the elderly. T... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Malibu

The recent fires have done grave damage to homes in Malibu. Thankfully many homes were saved in these fires. Though saved, they still contained a great amount o... READ MORE

Storm Damage to a Little Store

We received this job in Riverside, Ca. During this time California was experiencing multiple storms back to back in late December 2017, due to this our clients ... READ MORE