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No need for improvement. Everything was great. 

Being caring during a difficult time , discussing the work performed and working during the extreme heat conditions. 

Everyone was so professional, and I loved the crew

I have never had such superb service in my life! You guys are excellent.

Tessa M from San Bernardino gave us a 5 star yelp review:

Absolutely amazing service provided! We have dealt with this SERVPRO 3 times now for water leaks, mold, busted pipes. (The joys of home ownership) All 3 times the service, work ethic, and communication has made our issues as pleasant as possible given our circumstances. They are prompt, informative, friendly, empathetic, and so much more! For the first time ever, with construction and other public services, I have felt comfortable having strangers in my home. The owner was on her hands and knees scrubbing my floors before they left when the job was finished. I would recommend them to everyone needing this type of service! Thank you SERVPRO! You are amazing!

To Whom It May Concern:

Ms. Alex Pal of SERVPRO in north San Bernardino, California, did an excellent job in the remediation of mold and spores at my home as a result of a water leak from my HVAC system.  Not only was she knowledgeable and professional in doing her work, she was caring for my family and myself as we were facing a denial from my insurance company of 48 years.  

Alex actually told me to have the Independent Adjuster for the insurance company come back and she would explain to him why his Inspection and report to recommend that my insurance company should deny my claim was wrong.  She was correct and within a few days I received a telephone call from my insurance company telling me the denial of my claim was reversed and the insurance company would pay the claim.

Her persistence and dependability was what made a very negative situation for us turn out to have a positive conclusion.  She always returned our phone calls and answered our questions and helped us through a very harrowing experience.  

I would gladly recommend Ms. Alex Pal to anybody that has any type of water damage to their property.  Her knowledge, professional attitude and compassion for people are beyond what you would ever expect from a vendor you had never dealt with before.  

Unfortunately there aren't more people like Alex in business today.

Arlie Matthews